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Phone: 316-524-5566
Ship to: 501 Grand Ave, Haysville KS
Mail to: P.O. Box 486, Haysville, KS 67060

ProCom LMR, Inc is a family-owned corporation in business since 1994. Alan Haworth is president of the corporation and handles all sales and service. Millie Haworth has managed the office since 1999.

We are located in Haysville, Kansas, south of Wichita. Our local service area includes Sedgwick, Butler, Cowley, Sumner, Reno, Kingman, Harvey, and Marion counties. Alan has been in the communications field since 1975, servicing local government first-responders, and many private companies.

Since establishing ProCom LMR, Alan has provided communications solutions for telephone, security, manufacturing, construction and oilfield companies, hospitals, airports, school and bus systems, retirement homes, farms, and, for municipalities, including the police, fire, emergency medical, water and street departments, etc.

Alan has designed, installed, upgraded, and serviced communications systems for telemetry, microwave, paging and public address. He recently participated in installing the new unified system for first-responder departments. ProCom LMR also helps customers do FCC license renewals and updating.

ProCom LMR is a factory-authorized dealer for Kenwood USA Corporation and Alan is certified for, and experienced with, various commmunications systems. (See below incomplete list.)

Although no longer doing higher tower work personally, he works with ProTech Security for tower and security alarm work.

NX800 mobile 128 chan/zone, 8-char display Lithium TK3180 NX-300 NX320
NX820 mobile with 10 character display
TK8302 16 channel Full power mobile with remote head option
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